The Ways We Drift Apart From The People Who Once Knew Us Best

Thought Catalog


Do you ever think about how many people we come to know throughout our entire lives? We form friendships, fall in love, hearts break, relationships end, distances are created. We travel, change addresses, change our minds, develop feelings, become disinterested – a continual cycle of love and loss in different forms. It’s the human way.

Breakups can be brutal and life-changing, yes, but then there are the relationships we lose without so much as a word. It’s the friendships with people you’ve had for years that eventually come to a stand-still. You don’t realize they’re gone until you wake up one day and look back on a warm memory, suddenly realizing you can’t remember the last time you talked to them about anything meaningful.

Sometimes I think about why these things happen, why some people remain a fixed part of your life forever, while others merely exist for a…

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